Creating experiences
through whimsical flowers

Allowing the graciousness of the seasons and nature to inspire her work
Cerys has a clear ethos to source flowers, foliage and materials using a personal touch

The Story so far :

I am Cerys Gill , the ‘Flower Blonde’ founder and owner of Halls and Homes Flowers. I am a bespoke Florist based in North Yorkshire having worked in some of the most beautiful and stunning stately homes and halls, including being the Head Estate Florist at Ripley Castle for many years. I create stunning arrangements for weddings, celebrations, dinner parties, events and “flowers in the home” as well as running workshops to share my learning to all. I allow the graciousness of the seasons and nature to inspire my work, sourcing flowers, foliage and materials with a personal touch.

Cerys Gill

Cerys has worked with: - Ripley Castle
- Markenfield Hall
- Hotel Du Vin
- Harrogate Royal Hall
- Private marquees
- Village fetes and halls
- Goldsborough Hall

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Call: 07852936609